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23 Jun 2011

Mozilla Firefox v5.0 Final Release

The latest version of Firefox has the following changes:

• Added support for CSS animations
• The Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverability
• Tuned HTTP idle connection logic for increased performance
• Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance
• Improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas
• Improved spell checking for some locales
• Improved desktop environment integration for Linux users
• WebGL content can no longer load cross-domain textures
• Background tabs have setTimeout and setInterval clamped to 1000ms to improve performance
• Fixed several stability issues
• Fixed several security issues
• Tab multi-select
• A new tab page
• Add-ons will get standardized toolbar support
• File upload indicator
• Home button will be replaced with a Home app tab
• In-browser preview for files such as PDF or MP3
• Taskbar web apps
• Identity manager
• Easy access to social media accounts for services such as Facebook and Twitter


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